The NetWorker 8.0 version adds significant new enhancements to the NetWorker product line, including:

Backup to Disk enhancements

o   Enhanced path selection 
Allows disk volumes to be shared across storage nodes for increased performance and enhanced path availability
o   Enhanced concurrency for recovery/cloning/staging 
Allows the administrator to recover backups on demand while continuing other critical post-backup workloads
o   Client Direct, including support for DD Boost 
Enhanced performance as backups become single hop (vs. two-hop) and de-duplication is performed on the client system  
o   Synthetic Full 
Reduces the frequency of full backups, reduces the backup window, reduces Recovery Time Objective

Enterprise Management

o   Authentication via LDAP/Active Directory 
Enables NetWorker to utilize the customers chosen security tools, processes and roles
o   Role-based authorization
Provides an automated process to grant NetWorker users the permissions they need, but only those permissions
o   Security enhancements
FIP-140-2, Apache update, New security administrator role, event auditing,
o   Multi-tenancy Facility
Provides isolation and separation of different users and their data  

Performance and Scalability

o   Architectural updates Increase the efficiency of NetWorker server processing
Allows customers to get more out of their existing generation of backup server technology  

Improved User Experience

o   NMC enhancements
New tools that allow the administrator more control and ease of use
o   Single pass backup for Windows DR
Simplifies protection management for Windows, reduces storage requirements for Windows backup
o   NDMP Restartable Backups
Additional insurance for completion of backup for Network Appliance storage systems
o   Tape Archive for Remote Office 
Protect the remote office across WAN using NetWorker and Avamar, but create the archive copy across the LAN within the data center
o   Synthetic Full backups to tape  
Reduces tape fragmentation, reduces the frequency of full backups, reduces the backup window, reduces Recovery Time Objective


o   OS support updates
Solaris 11, New Linux distributions

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